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Third ProZ.com Translation Contest

Engelska to Kinesiska


Source text:

The problem of being awkward with introductions is not, for many, an “unusual situation.” You may find that you are often uncertain about whether to introduce someone using their first name, last name, or both; about whether to use a qualifier (“this is my friend, ______”); even about whether or not it is in fact your responsibility to introduce two people in a given situation. But all of this is small potatoes compared with the seemingly inevitable mingling nightmare of having to introduce someone whose name you have forgotten.

It’s one thing to forget someone’s name if you’ve met them only once or twice, or if you haven’t seen them in a while. But all too often it’s someone whose name you really should know, and who is going to be insulted to find out you don’t. In other words, a faux pas in the making.

This is absolute agony when it happens, and I’ve watched hundreds of minglers try to deal with different ways, ranging from exuberant apology (“Oh GOD, I’m so sorry, JEEZ, wow, I can’t believe I’ve forgotten your name!”) to throwing up their hands and walking away. But there are better ways to deal with this kind of mental slip. Next time you draw a blank while making introductions, try the following ploy:

Force them to introduce themselves. This is the smoothest and most effective way to handle your memory lapse. When it’s done well, no one will ever suspect you. If you have forgotten one person’s name in the group, turn to that person first and smile. Then turn invitingly to a person whose name you do remember and say, “This is Linden Bond,” turning back casually toward the forgotten person. The person whose name you haven’t mentioned yet will automatically (it’s a reflex) say “Nice to meet you, Linden, I’m Sylvia Cooper,” and usually offer a hand to shake.

Entry #1199 - Points: 24 - WINNER!
对引见常常感到棘手的大有人在:该如何称呼对方,是只提姓氏?直呼其名?抑或连名带姓?是否需要加上诸如“我的朋友”之类的定语?在有些场合,你甚至不能确定是否该由你来充当引见人。以上种种,比起那必须引见某 人,却忘了对方名字而几乎必然要陷入莫名窘迫的情形而言,就不过是小事一桩了。

如果你只见过某人一两次,或者未见面已有时日,这种忘却还 Show full text

Entry #1178 - Points: 8
Forrest Liang
     对于许多人来说,在社交介绍场合中遭遇尴尬是常事。你会发现自己经常不能确定在介绍某人时应该使用他们的名还是姓,又或者应该将全名都给用上;不能确定该如何给这个人下定义(例如:“这是我的朋友***”); 甚至不能确定在特定场合下为某两人作介绍是否确实是自己份内的事。然而,所有这些都还只是小儿科,真正的似乎无法避免的社交恶梦 Show full text

Entry #848 - Points: 4
chase he
对于许多人来说,在引见他人时劣手苯脚并不是什么罕见之事。你经常会拿不定主意,是要用被介绍人的姓,名还是全称;是否要形容一下(这是我的朋友。。。);你甚至还会拿不定主意,在某种特定场合下,你是否应该给 两人做引见。然而, 所有以上这些,和你避免不了头脑的一时糊涂,必须要介绍某人却忘记这人名字的情况比较起来,都可以说是小巫见大巫。

如果你 Show full text

Entry #836 - Points: 2
Dandan Zhang
很多人常常会在介绍别人的时候笨嘴笨舌,发现自己不知道该先介绍对方的姓,还是先介绍名,抑或是全名;是否该使用限定词(如“这是我的朋友xxx”);在某个特定情况下是否该由自己来介绍等等。但是与介绍别人时 突然忘了他的名字这种梦魇一般的经历相比,这些都不值一提。
如果你只是见过某人一两次,或者很长时间没有见到他了,那么忘了他的姓名还情有可原,但是 Show full text

Entry #1205 - Points: 2
对大多数人而言,在介绍他人时手足无措并非“罕见情况”。您可能发现,自己常会在以下方面把握不好:介绍时应该使用这个人的名、姓还是全名?要使用修饰语吗(如:“这是我的朋友,某某”)?您甚至无法确定是否有 义务在某个场合介绍两人相识。然而,这一切与似乎无法避免的社交梦魇(即必须介绍某人,却不记得人家名字)相比,就是小巫见大巫了。

由于 Show full text

Entry #1110 - Points: 0
对很多人来说, 为别人做介绍的尴尬之处并不在于它是一种”不常见情况”。你会发现你经常不确定你是应该用名、用姓、还是同时用两者来介绍某人;你是否应该使用修饰语(“这是我的朋友,×××”);甚至事实上是否是你的责任来 介绍两人在某给定的场合里认识。但是所有这一切和你不得不介绍某位你忘了名字的人的困境相比, 就象是小菜一碟了。那样的困境,简直就 Show full text

Entry #1202 - Points: 0
Wenjer Leuschel (X)
对许多人而言,拙于介绍别人,并非“不寻常”。在介绍某人时,你可能常常会觉得无法确定到底是要介绍他的姓氏呢,还是只介绍他的名字,或连名带姓一起称呼;你也可能不能确定,是否要使用修饰辞 (“这是我的朋友______”);甚至不能确定,在某个特定情况下,你是否有责任为两个人作介绍。

不过,与下述的情况比较起来,这些都算是小意思:如果似乎无可避免地 Show full text

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