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About me
I am adjunct professor of Modern Italian literature at the University of Helsinki.
My hobbies include classical ballet and modern dance, classical music (I also play the piano), and dogs (I breed bolognese dogs).
I am most comfortable with texts related to humanities and social sciences, education, music, dance and pets.
For more information about me, please visit my personal web site

My work

I have mostly edited, copy edited and proofread several texts on humanities.

I have worked for

University of Helsinki, Atena publishing house, Gaudeamus publishing house
Specializing in:
  • Konst, Konst& hantverk, måleri
  • Samhällsvetenskap, sociologi, etik osv.
  • Filosofi
  • Musik
  • Media/multimedia
  • Poesi & Litteratur
  • Historia
  • Utbildning/pedagogik
  • Bio, film, tv, drama