Oxford Albanian-English Dictionary

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Posted by: Roland Lelaj

ISBN: 0198603223
Author: Leonard Newmark
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 1056
Pairs: Albanska till Engelska
Broad fields: General
Publisher: Oxford University Press (New edition 2000)
Price (approx.): 20 USD


The Oxford Albanian-English Dictionary is the most comprehensive dictionary of modern Albanian available. Published in hardback to great acclaim in 1998, it is now available for the first time in paperback. It is an essential reference tool for anyone studying, using or working in Albanian. It offers: Over 75,000 entries covering standard, non-standard, colloquial, technical and scientific Albanian Thousands of example phrases showing how the language is used today Full treatment of idioms, proverbs and set expressions Encyclopedic and cultural information to help with translating culturally-specific words and phrases Detailed pronunciation guidance A description of the Albanian alphabet A guide to the fundamentals of Albanian grammar and dialect variants Irregular verb parts listed in their alphabetical position within the text to assist identification An innovative supplement of suffixes to help users find words which are not immediately recognisable