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Covid emergency translations

Utlagt: Mar 3, 2021 09:46 GMT   (GMT: Mar 3, 2021 09:46)

Job type: Möjligt jobb
Services required: Translation, Checking/editing
Confidentiality level: HIGH

Språk: Italienska till Amhariska, Italienska till Arabiska, Italienska till Bengali, Italienska till Kinesiska, Italienska till Punjabi, Italienska till Ryska, Italienska till Somaliska, Italienska till Tigrinja, Italienska till Wolof

Siamo alla ricerca di TRADUTTORI VOLONTARI per aiutare associazioni no profit/ONG che aiutano i migranti a tradurre brevi testi relativi all'emergenza covid19.

Si tratterebbe di tradurre o controllare brevi testi già tradotti.
We are looking for VOLUNTARY TRANSLATORS to help nonprofit/ONG/migrant associations to translate short texts related to the covid19 emergency.

This would involve translating or reviewing short texts that have already been translated.
Företagsbeskrivning: Our organisation was created to manage Language Aid. This is a simple platform for PCs and smartphones designed to interconnect associations/organisations/bodies that operate in contact with migrants and translators who are able to translate the words of the emergency and break isolation. Words acquire a fundamental value in health and social emergency situations. Language Aid allows people to talk to each other, stay connected and integrate with the host community.

Poster country: Italien

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Ämnesområde: Medicin: Hälso- och sjukvård
Sista anbudsdatum: Mar 5, 2021 23:00 GMT
Provtext: Translating this text is NOT required
Chi? Le persone con più di 80 anni
Come? Sul sito [HIDDEN]
Cosa serve? Il Codice Fiscale e la Tessera Sanitaria
Da che giorno posso prenotare? Dal 31 gennaio 2021
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