Diccionario de términos jurídicos / A Dictionary of Legal Terms 10th edition

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Posted by: Tomás Cano Binder, BA, CT

ISBN: 9788434432635
Author: Enrique Alcaraz Varó - Brian Hughes
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 1060
Pairs: Engelska till Spanska, Spanska till Engelska
Broad fields: Juridik/patent
Publisher: Editorial Ariel
Price (approx.): EUR 55
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This 10th edition of the dictionary contains 6,849 entries, an 80% increase compared to the terms contained in the 1st edition appeared in 1993. Alcaraz Varó's team in the University of Alicante in Spain have created some of the best dictionaries in several areas, and this is a solid bilingual reference for legal translators.