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Diccionario de términos económicos, financieros y comerciales Enrique Alcaraz, Brian Huges, José Mateo Martínez Engelska till Spanska
Spanska till Engelska
Extensive dictionary covering economic, financial and commercial terms.
Diccionario de términos jurídicos / A Dictionary of Legal Terms 10th edition Enrique Alcaraz Varó - Brian Hughes Engelska till Spanska
Spanska till Engelska
This 10th edition of the dictionary contains 6,849 entries, an 80% increase compared to the terms contained in the 1st edition appeared in 1993. Alcar...
5 (4 entries)
Diccionario de Terminos de Marketing, Publicidad y Medios de Comunicacion / Dictionary of Marketing, Publicity, and Media Terms Enrique Alcaraz Varo, Brian Hughes Engelska till Spanska
Spanska till Engelska
7,200 entries in the English to Spanish section and 6,600 in the Spanish to English section
5 (1 entry)
Diccionario terminológico de las ciencias farmacéuticas / A terminological dictionary of the pharmaceutical sciences Real Academia de Farmacia, Domínguez-Gil Hurlé, Alcaraz Varó, Martínez Motos Engelska till Spanska
Spanska till Engelska
The dictionary has the clear structure of all Alcaraz-Varó dictionaries, but with some very interesting features e.g. source and target terms embedde...
4.5 (2 entries)
Legal Translation Explained Enrique Alcaraz and Brian Hughes Engelska
This book is designed principally to cater to the needs of students who are taking their first steps in the translation of legal English.
5 (2 entries)
Revising and Editing for Translators Brian Mossop Engelska
This book provides guidance and learning materials for translation students learning to edit texts written by others, and professional translators wis...
5 (2 entries)