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5th ProZ.com Translation Contest

Engelska to Kinesiska


Source text:

All travel is now merely a means of moving a camera from place to place, all travellers are ruled by the all-powerful lens. Visitors old-fashioned enough to wish only to stand and look with their anachronistic eyes are shoved aside by the photographers, who take it for granted that while they do their ritual focusing, nothing else may move or cross their vision. Those peculiar souls without a camera must step aside for those more properly occupied, must wait while the rituals take place, and must bide their time while whole coaches stop and unleash upon the landscape the Instamatic God. And the populations of whole countries seeing themselves cannibalised, swallowed up, vacuumed into the black-ringed staring eye, wrench what they can from the cannibals. You want picture my house, my camel? You pay.

None of this would matter, perhaps, if anything worthwhile was being accomplished. If all the constant busyness and clicking produced, at its end, what had not existed before, images of beauty captured or truth told. But, sadly, this isn't so. The camera is simply graffiti made respectable.

The camera is the means by which we stamp ourselves on everything we see, under cover of recording the Wonders of the World already wonderfully
recorded by professionals and on sale at every corner bookshop and newsagent. But what use to show Aunt Maud, back home, postcards of the Tuscan landscape, since we are not in the picture to prove that we were there?

No stretch of rocks has verity unless I am within it. No monument exists
but for my wife, leaning against it. No temple is of interest without my face beside it, grinning. With my camera I appropriate everything beautiful, possess it, shrink it, domesticate it, and reproduce it on my blank sitting-room wall to prove to a selected audience of friends and family the one absolutely vital fact about these beauties: I saw them, I was there, I photographed them, and, ergo, they are.

from "Amateur Photography: the World as it isn't and our Fred" by Jill Tweedie in the Guardian

Entry #3031 - Points: 22 - WINNER!
现如今,带着相机赶景点成了旅游的唯一方式,而所有观光客也都被无所不能的镜头所主宰。老派游客只希望在抚今追昔的心境中驻足观赏,却被业务摄影师们推来搡去,因为这些“摄影师”认定,自己在完成对焦仪式时,谁 都不能在他们的取景框前挪动穿行。没有相机的倒霉蛋必须让位给那些装备齐全的人,在拍照仪式进行时必须老老实实等着,而且在旅游大巴停下并放出 Show full text

Entry #2957 - Points: 14
现在的旅游其实就在移动照相机,旅游到哪儿,照相机也就对到哪儿。镜头犹如权杖,向每一位游客发号施令。别以为简单来个造型就可过关了事,您的眼光属于老土,需听摄影师的指挥。别忘记摄影师总是想当然地认为一旦 焦距调准,所有在其范围内景物都不得移动或受其他干扰物影响。旁边的游客,没带相机的话,劳烦你靠边挪一挪,这儿正占着位呢,噢,顺便提醒一下 Show full text

Jim Li
Very Good, except that "范冲", should be "犯冲" right?
Entry #2530 - Points: 9
chase he
现在人们旅游,好像只是为了把相机从一个地方搬到另一个地方,多照几张相片而已。旅游的人都得受无所不能的镜头的支配。 游客如果太古板,只希望站着用不合时宜的眼睛看一看的话,那么就靠边站吧。摄影大师们会理所当然的把他们挤到一边,因为他们得礼节性的用相机聚焦,可不能有什么东西挡住了视线。 那些莫名其妙竟然没有相机的人必须得为那些装备适当的人让 Show full text

Entry #2860 - Points: 5
时下,旅行就是四处照相的活动,而游客们则被手中的全能镜头掌控着。老土的游客希望驻足旁边,用自己那双与时代有些脱节的眼睛来审视;然而,摄影师们将这些人挤到了角落,因为在摄影师看来,他们潜心创作之时,任 何事物都不应干扰他们的视线。那些没有相机的游客们,只好闪退一旁,让位于占据优势地位的摄影师,在他们创作之时,要耐心等候,伺机而动。等开 Show full text

Entry #3139 - Points: 4
今时今日,旅行仅是将相机从一处移到另一处的方式。旅行者无不受全能的镜头摆布。参观者若十足老古董——只希望站一站,用不入时的眼睛看一看—— 终会被摄影家们挤到一边。摄影家们仪式化地调焦时,理所当然闲杂人等不可穿插进他们的视野。不带相机的异类,应当让位给装备更妥当者;应当等候摄影家的仪式开始;应当费时守候整车人马停下来对着风景祭出“傻瓜 Show full text

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